I crossed paths with the gorgeous Georgia when I was going through a really rough time battling anorexia nervosa. I was depressed, anxious and felt really stuck. I didn’t know how to move forward, despite seeing a psychologist weekly. However, Georgia took me under her wing and has supported me along every step of my recovery journey ever since. She gave me hope during one of the darkest periods of my life. And, I can truly say that I would not be where I am today, if it wasn’t for her.

Georgia is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition, but most importantly, approachable and friendly. I have never met someone like Georgia, whom I now call a friend, that genuinely cares about my recovery. During the last few months, I’ve had constant support, motivation and inspiration to help me push through my fears. What I love about Georgia and GH Nutrition, is her food philosophy. Georgia has a truly balanced approach to healthy eating and advocates treating yourself without the guilt. Which is so hard to come by these days!

Lastly, I loved being supported by Georgia because she truly understood me. She understood what it’s like to battle with constant thoughts around food and how hard it is to challenge yourself because she has been there. I am now rebuilding my relationship with food and exercise, and haven’t been happier in years! I cannot thank you enough, Georgia!! Xxx



GH Nutrition gave me balance back into my life!

I’ve always struggled with maintaining my weight and understanding how much my body needs to sustain my activity levels. I’ve always been active and I try and live a healthy lifestyle. I came to GH Nutrition because I was finding my energy levels were lacking and I was trying find balance throughout the whole week, instead of being super strict on weekdays and then super relaxed on weekends.   For me I needed help finding the balance between the two.

Georgia has definitely done this.  I cannot recommend her and her approach more. Everything was tailored to me and she is available to walk you through everything she gives you…AND you get bonus recipes to try which I LOVE!

Thanks Georgia for helping me get back in touch with my body and giving me the energy and guilt free approach back into my life! I cannot wait to see how many more lives you change!

I looking forward to continuing to work with you!



I run a women’s group fitness program and we were lucky enough to have Georgia come along and speak with us. I love Georgia’s approach toward nourishing the body, achieving balance and making meal times ENJOYABLE! Georgia speaks with passion and experience and in a way that the women related to which made her visit invaluable. I would highly recommend Georgia!

S.Breen, Miss Fit Canberra


After joining a bootcamp and getting my exercise regime sorted, I thought it was time to get my food sorted and decided to speak to Georgia to get a meal plan and some help with my nutrition.  I have previously lost a lot of weight with a calorie restricting diet, however have gained most of it back. Georgia sat with me and explained that she does not believe in restriction and that we should eat whole foods mindfully and if we want the chocolate or ice cream, eat it! There is something about my meeting with Georgia and her plan for me that helped me shift my thinking about food and I can finally see a way of eating that is sustainable and isn’t a mind game (which it should never be!). After injuring myself and being unable to do any physical activity I knew that it was really time to focus on my nutrition. Whilst my focus was completely off the scales and more in how I felt, when having to be weighed for surgery I had lost 5kgs in the 4 weeks that I was unable to exercise or move. This was all from nutrition, no restriction but enjoying whole foods and snacking smartly. Georgia, you have reignited my love for home cooking and made me appreciate all the delicious food that can be made with fresh fruit and vegetables. Thankyou for your kind, supportive and encouraging words, I feel like I’m on the road to a very special place and I only have you to thank. xx



Georgia is very supportive and has been great to talk to about the stresses of weight loss. She has helped me to understand the needs of my body and how the foods I eat can promote weight loss.  I was provided with meal plans and recipes that were easy to adapt to my lifestyle.  Georgia’s holistic approach has guided me to make instrumental changes to the way I feel about food and how I can manage cravings and bad habits.



I came to Georgia looking for a meal plan that would suit my lifestyle, tastes and preferences. I got that and a whole lot more! I used to lack direction in my diet and wanted to eat the right foods for my body and lifestyle. I also lacked knowledge in what I thought I needed. I would rely on “healthy” processed foods and avoid “full fats”. Georgia provided me with great knowledge on the truth in wholesome foods and the benefits that I was missing out on. With Georgia’s tailored meal plan and ongoing support I stopped feeling guilty about foods, tried new things, enjoyed cooking for myself and felt significantly better.

Georgia is truly understanding, supportive and encouraging. You can count on her to be there every step of the way, no matter what your goals are. I would highly recommend her as her knowledge and approach is truly commendable.