It is my Time to Listen and Help You

I of all people know how hard it is to change. I know how scary it can be to ask for help. And I know how vulnerable…

How to Break a Habit

Why does it feel like it is so unbelievably hard to change, even though it is something you desperately want? It does not matter how…

Food is Not Good or Bad, It’s Just Food

Many of us, whether we are conscious of it or not, live our lives controlled by a list of “good” and “bad” foods. “Good” foods…

You are not a better person if you eat kale and quinoa for the rest of your life and in the same token you are not a bad person if you eat a whole pizza by yourself. Neither of them is healthy, both have lost the concept of balance.


I had found the perfect and socially acceptable diet that would allow me to control what I ate and how much I weighed, without being judged or questioned! Winner winner chicken dinner (minus the chicken).

Why I WILL Be Indulging This Christmas

This year I am looking forward to Christmas more so than ever, as the past few years I have been a skinny, uptight, health conscious bit#h…….if we are putting all our cards on the table!

Tricks I Used to Overcome My Fear of Eating Out

Firstly, life is way too (insert swear word) short to miss out on eating with your family. One day the people you love aren’t going to be around and if you waste this short time you have with them and choose making your own “perfect” healthy salad over impromptu burgers by the beach.

The Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Now I want to preface that this post is not about a skinny girl complaining about how difficult it is to put on weight… hoo even I say. Rather I want to let you in on a story, which I personally think is never told.