A Nutritionist That Loves Her Carbs

A Nutritionist That Loves Her Carbs

Now I am a firm believer in what works for some may not work for everyone but if I could tell you beautiful girls one thing it would be to eat and enjoy carbs.

Carbs are probably my most favourite food group.  Don’t you just love curling up on the couch after a long, cold day with a nourishing bowl of pasta and watching an episode of Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. (Or is that just me)?

When I was struggling on my pursuit to be healthy I listened to what magazines and social media were shoving down my throat and I cut out carbs overnight. Just like that.  There was no way I would let a piece of pasta pass by my lips!  A sandwich for lunch, who do you think you are?  Don’t you know your going to get fat!  The sad thing is I used to be the girl that would eat baguettes for days without a worry in the world.

However this year in particular the penny dropped.  Not only that I had been so stupid to listen to magazines telling me what I should and should not put in my mouth but the fact that I had gone through a period of my life where I was growing and developing rapidly into an adult, studying my arse off and exercising like Usain Bolt without a single carb entering my body!

Oh Georgia… I say to myself now.

When your cramming for an exam or day dreaming about the cute boy your hanging out with this Friday night, your brain is using carbohydrates to fuel these activities.  Your muscles also need carbohydrates to do their job properly.  Whether its going for a walk around the lake with your girlfriends or dancing like Beyonce at a party, your body needs carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the bodies main energy source.  Without them you are like a walking zombie and that’s not cute for anyone.

If your aren’t eating enough carbs the body starts to break down its protein tissues to make glucose (a sugar found in carbohydrates) and begins to alter energy metabolism so that it can make ketone bodies from fat.  This is a dangerous and completely unnecessary thing for our young bodies to go through.  So ladies please think twice before you decide to give up carbs in order to “lose weight”.  Please trust me on this, that delicious homemade margarita pizza, or that bowl of spaghetti bolognese is not going to make you fat.

You have probably heard that complex carbohydrates are better for you than simple carbohydrates.  Complex carbs are like a necklace of sugar molecules wrapped around each other and are often rich in fibre.  Now that’s what I like to hear!  A diet based on high-fibre and wholegrain foods will help your body find and maintain its healthy body weight, as foods that are rich in fibre and complex carbohydrates tend to be low in unsaturated fat (the bad fats found in processed food) and added sugars.

Complex carbs are normally found in whole foods, so not only are they providing your body with glucose (the main source of energy for the body), they are also filling your beautiful bodies with vitamins and minerals.

The following whole plant food options are my favourite sources of complex carbs:

  • Brown rice, wholegrain pasta and bread
  • Starchy vegetables such as corn, peas or potato
  • Fruits such as bananas, apples or oranges
  • Legumes and grains

If you are looking for the perfect dinner tonight rich in complex carbs and dietary fibre check out my Tuna Pasta recipe.  It is so delicious!

I honestly believe there is nothing more balanced and beautiful than a girl digging into a bowl of pasta.

So enjoy ladies.


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