My Morning Muesli

My Morning Muesli

If you were a betting woman, you would probably make a lot of money on the fact that this is what I will be having for brekky!

This muesli is one of my favourite ways to start the day.  Not only is it a sure fire way to kick start your metabolism and set you up for a morning filled with energy, it is also filled to the brim with good fats!  I used to be afraid of fat.  Every time I even saw the word I would run for the hills.  It is not until I started studying nutrition that I realised all the rules I made up about food were complete bull!  Good fats, like polyunsaturated fats and omega 3’s which are found in nuts, are sooo beautiful for your insides ladies!  Omega 3’s, which are found in walnuts, are essential for normal growth and development, especially in the eyes and brain.  They are also thought to play an important role in the prevention and treatment of heart disease!  Sign me up to that sister!

I LOVE to add fresh seasonal fruit, such as berries, kiwi and banana, plain Greek yogurt, honey, chia seeds, maca powder (great for energy and for our female hormones!) and of course my favourite spice, cinnamon!  Please do not feel like you have to add all of these things.  The best thing about it is that you can mix and match and use what’s in your cupboard and it will still taste delicious!

Packet muesli is often laden with sugar, so if you have the time to make your own, fresh is always best I say!


2 cup rolled oats

3 cups of mixed nuts.  I love to use a mixture of almonds, pecans, walnuts and brazil nuts

1/4 cup coconut oil

To make:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees celsius.
  2. Chop nuts into fine pieces.
  3. Lay nuts flat out on a baking tray with baking paper and lightly drizzle over coconut oil.
  4. Bake for 20 minutes, making sure to mix nuts at halfway point.

To serve:

  1. Add milk and go to town with the toppings!

Keeps well in the cupboard for a week.


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